Florian Bach’s work interrogates the place of the humans in their environment, proposing structures that often reject them. His work is concerned with politics and social questions such as physical limits, identity, exclusion and marginality. He manipulates passage and creates limitations of movement by dividing space or building walls, confronting spectators with structures that are inaccessible to them. Florian’s propositions are characterised by the absence of protagonists though actions are evoked through the specificity of what remains: children playing on a burned porch, ruins after a riot, a sniper at his shooting spot, for example. His installations are often crafted through a performative practice.

Florian Bach collaborates with performers and choreographers as a light designer. Over the last years, he designed light for several choreographers and companies like Eisa Jocson, Kate McIntosh, Isabelle Schad, Irina Müller, Eva Meyer Keller, Sybille Müller or Nicole Seiler to name a few. Since 2008 he collaborates with Simone Aughterlony with whom he designs light and objects.

Florian Bach is part of the Wiesen55 e.V collective running the Wiesenburg-Halle in the Wiesenburg in Berlin. Wiesen 55 e.V. is a group of artists working in the fields of choreography, dance, lightening design, sculpture and multimedia. The Wiesenburg – Halle [→] is a place open to interdisciplinary and collective work that focuses predominantly on stage productions.

SELF, Solo show, 14.12.2017- 13.01.2018
Halle Nord [→], Geneva

PROMESSES, Solo show, 2.06. - 08.07.2017
Circuit Centre d'art contemporain [→], Lausanne.

Designed by Boris Meister